International Shipping

At Pelican we are more than happy to, and very experienced in shipping orders internationally. Orders for delivery to international customers are welcome at Pelican however orders placed for delivery to international locations will need to be quoted for international shipping charges. As some of our stock is delivered from our international warehouse, the cost for delivery may be no more than for our US customers. If you would like orders delivered to you in international locations please follow the process below.

Shop as normal in our website and add items to your cart. When you have finished your shopping,  copy the contents of your cart (screenshot is fine) and email your requirements to or you can enter your order line requirements into the message area of the Contact Us Page. Advise us of your full address for delivery and we will process your request and advise accordingly.  Your order will come from us as an electronic invoice which can then be paid online, should you wish to change or query anything then please feel free to contact us. The invoice sent is optional for payment, should you not wish to progress then you need not do anything more – though we would appreciate it if you let us know. If you wish to progress your order then once we have recieved payment we will progress your order and provide any tracking information. We are very experienced in international shipping and have shipped worldwide, we did hold a list of coutries we had shipped to, but it seemed it would have been shorter to list those the had not shipped to.   So wherever you are, we may be able to help with Quick Deliveries of your RC products.   Translate this page

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