Yak 54 Profile 20 – 30cc

yak profile1

The Yak 54 also needs little introduction but now it is available in this superb 3D profile design with all the benefits that brings. with its carbon fibre wingtube and high quality accessories this one will please and continue to do so.


Wingspan: 65inch/1659mm


Length: 61.1inch/1552mm


Flying weight: 3100g


Wing Area: 66.4sq.dm


Engine Size: 60-90, 90-110 / DLE 20CC / crrc 26v2


With carbon fiber wing tube.


1. Light weight construction
2. Latest structure
3. High structural strength
4. Two piece removable wings
5. Super quality
6. Excellent aerobatics and 3D performance
7. Easy installation
8.Complete with full accessories
9. High performance hardware including ball linkage control system
10 Lightweight wheels included
11 C.F.Tube Wing Joiner
yak accessories
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Yak 54 tbolt profile
Yak 54 Profile 20 - 30cc
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