Extra 330 RC Kit model 1025mm Electric Power

Extra 330Many will have seen the Extra 330 at air displays, air races and at many other locations, it is a popular aircraft in full size aerobatics as it is one of the standards in full size.

You will also often see the Extra 330 at the model field as they are probably as popular there as they are with the full size guys.

This Kit RC Extra 330 builds quickly and easily into a lovely looking RC model, powered with simple RC gear, 4 mini servos, a 2216 motor, 20A esc and 3s batteries are readily available so not only do you save plenty on the airframe through building the model yourself you will continue saving as you select your own RC gear.  All accessories are included, and of course the cowl and canopy are included as well, so this one will quickly build into a surprising little model, just don’t let anyone know how little you paid for it 😉

Following the other models in our Kit range, these aircraft are assembled from laser cut balsa and plywood where appropriate and build quickly and accurately to be a great model, it is almost a shame to cover the structure.

At a flying weight of just 700g, performance is right up there, you can of course choose to power it with a nitro engine of about a 25 to 32 size.

Wingspan 1025mm
Length 965mm
Flying Weight 700g
Suggested Motor 2216 1200KV
Suggested ESC 20A 3S
Suggested Servo 9g*4
Suggested RX ≥4CH
Suggested Prop 10-11inch
Suggested BATT 3S 1400mAh
Extra 330
Order Extra 330 Extra 330 Kit model @ $49.99

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