CRRC GP36R 36cc Rear Exhaust RC Gas engine

CRRCpro GP36R RC model airplane 36cc two stroke single cylinder gasoline engine with vacuum pump dual pin walbro carburetor and CDI battery ignition.

36CC displacement provides even more power, suitable for 18*10 ~ 20*8 two blades propellers and perfect for the current crop of 30cc Sports aerobatics.

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Type 2 Cycle Gasoline Engine for airplane use only
Displacement (cc) 36 cc
Bore 1.52in (38.5mm)
Stroke 1.18in (31mm)
Total Weight 1300g (Include Ignition and muffler)
Carburetor Walbro (Diaphragm & Butterfly Valve)
Maximum Output 4.2HP @ 8700 RPM
Typical RPM Range 1600RPM ~8700RPM
Ignition Auto advanced DC-CDI
Ignition Power DC4.8V-8.4V NiMH, LiPo or LiFe pack
Gasoline/Oil Mix 25~40:1
Recommended Propellers 18×10, 19×8, 20×8 ,20×10 2-Blades propeller
Order CRRC GP36R Engine @ $299.99

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