Yak 54 Profile 20cc NEW Design!

The YAK 54 needs little introduction but now it is available in this superb 3D profile design with all the benefits that brings. With its carbon fibre wingtube, sectioned tail plane and fin combined with high quality accessories this one is sure to please and continue to do so.



  • Wing span:1655mm/65in
  • Length:1568mm/61.7in
  • Wing area:66.44sq.dm
  • Engine:90-120, DLE 20CC
  • Weight:3250-3300g
  • Radio:6channels  5servos
  • Engine Size: 60-90, 90-110 / DLE 20CC
  • Spinner:3″
  • Prop:16*6 / 16*8




  • Carbon Fibre Wing Tube
  • Light Weight Construction
  • Latest Design and Structure
  • Two Piece Wings, Sectioned Ailerons
  • Sectioned Tailplane and Elevator
  • Sectioned Fin and Rudder
  • Alloy Undercarriage
  • Lightweight wheels
  • Carbon Tube Wing Joiner
  • Complete with Accessories
  • Easy Build and Installation
  • Excellent Aerobatics and Superb 3D perfomance
  • Designed for the DLE20cc

Engine Mount




Yak 54 Front Left Side Yak 54 Right Front Side Yak 54 Underneath Yak 54

YAk 54 Profile

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