Slick 540 Carbon Edition. New In.

New 74″ Slick 540.



Wing Span:  1880mm/74in

Length:  1770mm/69.5in

Wing Area:

Engine:  30CC

Fly Weight:  around 4500g

Center-of-Gravity Location:  150mm

Equipped Fuel Tank:  380ml/380cc



Light Weight construction

Latest structure

High structural strength

Two pieces of removable wings

Super quality

Excellent aerobatics and 3D performance

Easy installation

Fully symmetrical aerofoil tail wing

Complete accessories

High performance hardware including:

  • Ball linkage control system;
  • PU wheels;
  • C.F. WingTube;
  • Carbon Landing gear


Professional designed for 3D and precision aerobatics

Cowl with cowl ring

No exterior screws exposed

Removable wings

Pre mounted and painted Canopy

Package Details:

Carbon Fiber wing tube

Carbon Fiber tail wing tube

Carbon Fiber landing gear

Carbon Fiber tail wheel bracket

Customer to Supply

Engine:  30-40cc Gas Engine

Radio:  4-6 Channels, at least 6 servos,

Propeller:  18×6, 18×8, 18×10, 19×6, 19×8, 19×10


Receiver battery:  4.8V-6V (suggest item No.: A123-2SFJ, A123-2ST, NH1500-4, NH1500-5B, NH2000-5)

Power Switch:  two power switches (one for the receiver, one for the ignition CDI), why not fit one of our new dual power swithches from our accessories line

Fuel line – Oh go on, ask nicely and we will give you a couple of feet free.

Engine options are:

CRRC GF40I Kit engine.



slick540 carbon ag342-a slick540 carbon ag342-a_2 slick540 carbon ag342-a_3

Slick 540 Carbon
Slick 540 Carbon Edition. New In.Slick
Order Slick 540 Carbon Edition. New In.Slick

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