CRRC 40i 40cc Kit engine

This is the GF40i 40cc kit engine – finally something to build.


What you get in the box is a wonderful array of parts, all individually packaged to allow you to assemble your own engine with the included instructions. The build is not hard either, From opening the box it takes about 2 hours for a novice, and less than an hour for a pro, Ask nicely and we may even build it for you for a tenner.

These engines build into a cracking 40cc motor which starts and runs with ease and simplicity.

It is powerful too at 3.9hp all from a package not much bigger than the 26cc.
As with all our engines the plug, electronic ignition and silencer are all included but as this engine is a beam mount there is also a purpose made beam mount and bolts included.


Displacement: 40cc
Bore x Stroke: 40mm x 31mm
Dry Weight: 1300g (2.87 lbs.)
Carburetor: Walbro butterfly type w/pump
Max Output: 3.95HP @ 7200 rpm
Ignition: 4.8v DC-CDI
Fuel: 93 plus octane premixed 25-35:1
Propeller: 18 X 10, 20 x 8, 20 x 10

CRRC 40i 40cc Kit engine
Order CRRC 40i 40cc Kit engine CRRC 40i 40cc Kit engine @ $189.99

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