EME 55 II 55cc

The original EME 55 was an absolute workhorse, now they have gone and upgraded this great engine with better ignition and better throttling.



Idle Speed: 1350 rpm/min.

14.kg Pulling Force/100 meters Altitude.

1.5kg Pulling Force/1800 meters Altitude.

Spark Plug: NGK CM6, 4.8-6V



Capacity: 55.6CC

Bore / Stroke: 45mm / 35mm

Compression: 7.6:1

Oil Mix Fuel/Oil: 30:1

Weight: 1380g (main engine), 75g (exhaust pipe)

Ignition Apparatus: 100g

Recommended Aircraft Propeller: 20×8; 20×10; 23×8; 23×10

Mounting hole and exhaust spacing is as per DLE 55 and DA60 settings.


eme55 rear eme60 eme55 engine eme55 engine parts rcexl ignition rcexl14mmignition rcexl14mmignition02 rcexlcm6mmignition01

























Of course should the worst happen and an accident requires spares for your EME55 engine we do have full spares backup.




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EME 55II 55cc engine
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