EME 35 35cc Petrol engine

eme35Fitting into the 30cc range and squaring up againsT the other engines in this range is the EME35.

As usual with EME this is another workhorse of an engine, rear induction and side exhaust, this engine takes a range of silencers from the standard silencers, pitts or pipe / can mufflers.


Displacement: 35cc

Weight: 960g/engine, 45g/muffler, 140g/ignition

Carburetor: EME

Compression Ratio: 7.6

Power: 3.6HP@7100RPM

Idle RPM: 1550RPM

Practical RPM: 1550~7500RPM

Thrust 1: 9.0kgf (50~200M altitude)

Thrust 2: 8.1kgf (1800~2000M altitude)

Spark Plug: EME/ NGK CM6

Ignition Voltage: 4.8V~6.0V

Fuel: 91~93 Octane, 1: 30~1: 35 mix ratio

Recommended Propeller: 2 blades, 18*10, 19*10, 20*8(wooden prop, C.F. prop)

Package Contents:

EME 35 enginex1pcs


Ignition modulex1pcs

Spark plugx1pcs

Stand-off spacerx4pcs

Spacer screw: M5x15 (front), 4pcs; M5x22 (rear), 4pcs

Spacer washer: M5x4 for rear mounting spacers

Muffler screw

Muffler gasket

English manual


eme35 rear eme35 eme35 package








Order EME35 EME35 @ $324.99

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