DLA32 32cc RC Petrol Engine


Power: 3.8HP/8200rpm

Idle speed: 1700rpm/min.

Thrust: 8.8Kg /100meters Altitude – 7.8Kg /1800meters Altitude

Recommended Propeller: 18×8, 18×10, 19×8, 20×8

Spark Plug: CM-6

Exhaust Amount: 32.23cc

Diameter* Stroke: 37mm*30mm

Ratio of Compression: 7.6 : 1

Lubrication Ratio: 30 : 1 (Trial Run), 40: 1–50 : 1(Normal Flying)

Weight: Main engine -910g, Muffler-65g, Ignition-100g

Included Spare Parts:

1 x DLA 32CC Engine

1 x Exhaust System

1 x CDI Ignition

1 x Spark Plug

1 x Engine Bracket

1 x User Manual


Material of Muffler and crankcase: Aluminum Magnesium Alloy (Aluminum Alloy for DLE30)

Machining: CNC processed, while others are not.

Crank Case Material: the newest aero material makes DLA32 engines too hard to be damaged.

DLA 32 has its NSK bearing imported from Japan which makes the life of engine longer while others have their bearing made in their own factory.

DLA32 is less weight than other gasoline engines in the same power.

The appearance of DLA32 is artistically and smooth and shinny, while others are common.

DLA32 used high quality Iridium plugs while others not; comes with aluminum alloy mufflers

DLA32 RC Model Engine
Order DLA32 RC Model Engine DLA32 @ $299.99

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