Skyartec Wasp Nano AutoCP

Skyartec helicopters have become renowned for their great flight characteristics and fantastic value.

 When Skyartec released the all new Wasp Nano their previous efforts were surpassed and this superb heli became very popular. Further improvements have taken this to have 3GX three axis rate sensor and three axis gyro capability which make it superb for people learning to fly helicopers.  Well Skyartec have gone and taken it a stage further again with the Auto3d – Auto Invert model. Simply flick a switch and the helicopter will flip itself upside down and off you go ready for inverted flight. – amazing.


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Of course with Skyartec we have great spares backup and full support from the factory.

     Everything is included!!!!

  • Helicopter – pre-built and assemebeled with all components.
  • All electronics included
  • Transmitter AND receiver – pre-paired, ready to go.
  • Battery for Helicopter – Pre-fitted and ready to go
  • Flight Battery Charger
  • Transmitter Batteries.
  • Full instructions and full support from us and the factory at Skyartec.


  • Fuselage built from strong, durable, special plastics.
  • Hi-performance 3-axis flybarless system by SKYARTEC provides with much more stability,functionality and capability.
  • With standard configuration a wide range of perfomance and skills can be learnt
  • Five in one receiver board integrating receiver,3-axis gyro,servo,main brushed esc,tail brushed esc.
  • One key switchover, helps beginners to accomplish acrobatic flight.


Length: 225mm
Height: 76mm
Main Rotor Diameter: 240mm
Tail Rotor Diameter: 36mm
Motor Pinion Gear: 9T
Main Drive Gear: 67T
Flying Weight: 48g

Wasp NANO AutoCP
Skyartec Wasp NANO AutoCP
Order Skyartec Wasp NANO AutoCP Wasp NANO AutoCP @ $129.99

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